Top 5 Middle-Eastern Cuisines You Have to Try

Ethnic foods are always a treat. It takes some daring to want to get up and try something completely different for your taste buds, but when you do chomp down into a cultural dish more often than not you’d be pleasantly surprised. So if you’re in the mood for Middle-Eastern today, just download the Haloodie app to find the nearest halal ethnic dishes near you, and maybe try some:



When you think of “Middle-Eastern food”, usually the first thing to pop up in your mind will be hummus. This traditional Levantine dish is a creamy paste made by mixing tahini sauce, mashed chickpeas, a pinch of salt, garlic and vegetable oil. Its popularity has spread across the states, and it’s not just because of the taste. Hummus is an incredibly versatile dip that is also used as a spread, filling, garnish and even its own dish! If any restaurant boasts a Mediterranean menu sans any hummus, you’d know right away that it’s not ethnically authentic!



Falafels are only second to hummus when it comes to popularity. These deep-fried balls of mashed chickpeas are a favorite stuffing for most pita bread wraps, and when topped with tahini, hummus and pickled vegetables, falafel sandwiches make for a very delightful snack. But it doesn’t end there: a little experimenting with its shape and size has led to the creation of donut-shaped falafels that you can eat with a “glazing” of tahini or hummus!



This meaty pita-wrapped dish only very recently became hugely popular after its short cameo in Marvel’s “The Avengers”[1] and it hasn’t lost a single ounce of its hype since. A shawarma is as fun to eat as it is to watch being made: a big hunk of meat (traditionally lamb but in the states you’d find them in the chicken and beef variety) is spit-roasted and the cooked exterior shaved off. The juicy shavings are then wrapped in pita bread along with some fried veggies, and then topped off with hummus or other sauces. Tony Stark had his reasons for wanting to try this scrumptious snack!



Kabobs are to Mediterranean cuisines what Tupac is to rap - you can’t have one without the other. While the word kabob itself refers to multiple types of grilled meats, the one we’re referring to are the ever popular shish kabobs. The Middle-Eastern variety however grills the vegetables separately from the kabob - nothing but smoky meat may grace the skewer in a typical Mediterranean joint.



If you thought meat and dips were the only thing on the menu, then you’ve likely never tried a baklava. This diamond-shaped pastry is made with layers of phyllo dough stuffed with diced nuts and doused in sugary syrup. When baked, it gets a beautiful golden-brown hue that often throws off most people who bite into it thinking it’ll be mildly salty. Well aren’t they in for a sweet surprise?


If the hunger pangs are getting a little unbearable at this point, use this list to know what you can eat today! Using the Haloodie app, you can track down the nearest halal food joints in your area and dine in on organic and hygienic Mediterranean dishes!