Down to Earth

When it comes to eating, foodies don’t want anything less than the best. That’s why, despite higher premiums, demand for organic food has seen amazing growth these past couple of years. With higher disposable incomes in the hands of health-centric and eco-sensitive millennials, organic has transformed from a fad that only a few could afford to a lifestyle for the emerging masses.

Food Fusions

As America continues to become more ethnically and culturally diverse, “the melting pot” shouldn’t be a term that exclusively describes society. Rather, we’re thinking it works for fusion foods as well. More people want to eat Italian but with a desi twist, or Mexican that’s easy on tongues unused to hot spices. Through combining different ingredients, techniques and recipes, fusion foods are - quite literally - the best of everything.

Halal in the Streets

Curiously enough, even as food fusions grow increasingly popular with the crowd, ethnic cuisines are amassing a huge fan following in equal stride. But this year, it’s Mediterranean flavours that have made a comfy place in the hearts of Americans. With countless street vendors offering quick wraps at the most competitive prices, and eateries serving up delicious meze platters that seem to go with every kind of dish, it's no wonder Middle Eastern food is a top food trend this year.

To Sip a Mocktail

Mocktails are certainly the talk of the town this year. A non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails, the mocktail comes with all the exotic glamour of its alcoholic counterpart. Now millennials still under the drinking age or conscious about their health, but enamored by the pizzaz of a beautiful cocktail can join in on the fun.


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Healthy Food Trends for a Delicious 2017

 People love food. It’s a statement as obvious as saying that fire is hot or that the sky is blue. But even then, some dishes just seem to beat out all the rest when it comes to winning our hearts. 2017 has been a rather competitive year for cuisines as foodies determine which flavors are the undisputed best of the year. If you want to find out what food trends are making it big, then read on!


Attack of the Veg Clones

Let’s be honest: your mouth doesn’t start watering at the sight of a colorful salad, rather it's the juicy steak right next to it that’s the star of the show. But now veggies are going incognito and turning us unsuspecting humans to their side. That’s right, 2017 is the year of healthy fast-food, where greasy meat is being replaced by vegetarian alternatives - and you won’t even know the difference! With jackfruit and quinoa patties, and cauliflower pizza toppings, the veggie brigade doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.