The Greatest Food Debates of the Century

Everybody loves food. It's the one thing in the world which everyone in the world can cast their differences aside for. At least that was what we hoped - ideological friction seems to have crept into the world of good eating, it seems. But of the multitude of debates, only a handful have stood the test of time and continued to create divide amongst foodies. Here are our picks for this week:


Pineapple on pizza

If you’re a foodie, there’s no way that you can dislike pizza. That is of course when Hawaiian is concerned, then there’s bound to be significant dissonance in opinion. Pineapple on pizza is the kind of dish that has no in-between: you either love it or hate it. But the most baffling thing about it all is the lengths both sides of the camp can go to prove their point!


While there’s very little chance we, or even our children, will long last enough to witness the spectacular conclusion to this foodie war, we can however enjoy the ride for what it’s worth. As of 2017, the battle has taken an interesting turn where celebrity chef (and the internet’s de-facto “voice of god” when it comes to all things food) Gordon Ramsay provided . All we can tell you is that he’s now a champion to one camp and a fraud to the other.


Dipping fries in your milkshake

This one is a recently new development in the long history behind the question “does this even go with that?” When you first think about it, there’s no doubt that it comes off as a very strange, almost blasphemous idea. Two dishes meant to be enjoyed on their own, worlds apart in flavor, texture, temperature and even course. But at some point in time, someone wondered what it would taste like if they dipped their fries in their milkshake. Whether it was a lapse in judgment or a stroke of intense bravery, we cannot say, but the outcome of that little food adventure has had repercussions on the internet since.


Where proponents of milkshake fries have claimed that they hated the idea before they tried it out, and are now devoted to the cult, critics are of the view that the combination is a perversion of nature, regardless of how good it might taste. So to say, it's a debate that promises entertainment for the ages.


Rare or well-done?

If the battle between meat-lovers and vegans wasn’t bad enough, the former seems to be plagued with a civil war of sorts when it comes to cooking the perfect steak. And of the 6 gradations in the steak chart, it all boils down to rare versus well-done. On one end of the spectrum, cooking a steak till it's well-done is a sad waste of high grade meat. It takes a special kind of self-loathing to want to eat something with the dryness and texture of a car tire. But on the other end, a good steak is a cooked steak, and rare is synonymous with raw - after all, what difference would it make if someone bit into a live cow or into a rare steak?


It comes as a relief of sorts to know that there’s a third party that enjoys a steak that incorporate the best of both worlds. Which begs the question: which side are you on?


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